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Frequently Asked Questions

People in jail on FTA's (Failure to Appear)

If a person is arrested on an “FTA” this is generally a writ of arrest signed by a judge. You need to know this is not a warrant therefore the Sheriff cannot approve a bond. The person must see a judge before being released or comply with the conditions set forth by the judge on the writ of arrest. For instance, it may require old fines to be paid, classes to be attended, child support, etc… FTA’s are also referred to as FTP’s (Failure to pay) depending on each case.


Filing a small claims action

On a daily basis our deputies deal with individuals who feel they need to file a small claims action to resolve a dispute with another individual. Important to note the maximum amount you can file a claim for is $3,000.00. If you have a question, call our office at (334) 567-5546 during normal business hours or (334)567-5227 after hours.


Vicious Animals

The law clearly states under Alabama Title 13A-11-14 (Cruelty to Animals) that a person commits the crime of cruelty to animals if, except as otherwise authorized by law, he or she intentionally or recklessly:
1. Subjects any animal to cruel or mistreatment; or
2. Subjects any animal in his or her custody to cruel neglect; or
3. Kills or injures without good cause any animal belonging to another.
However, the law does not state an individual must allow an animal to endanger the life of a person, his or her family or property. Therefore, an individual does have the right to protect life or property if he or she can articulate the action of hurting or taking the life of an animal. This does not mean a person may be exempt from civil law suit or being named on an Alabama Incident Offense Report, which may lead to the arrest of the individual if their actions meet any of the aforementioned requirements under State Code 13A-11-14 Cruelty to Animals.


Work Release

In order for incarcerated individuals to obtain work release status the following requirements must be met:
1. Detainee must be employed and have his/her employer fill out an application with Mrs. Moncrief at the Elmore County Jail.
2. The employer must bring the detainees pay check to Mrs. Moncrief where it is placed on the detainees books.
3. All applications are reviewed by the Sheriff for his approval/disapproval.
4. Work release status is a privilege not a right.